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Terranavis is a nonprofit organisation, our first project is to build an earthship and help others to build one.

We are continuing the construction of the Oradea Earthship in 2021. Almost ready. News/pictures here.

One day Earthship Conference
with Michael Reynolds
Oradea, Romania May 17 - 2014
University of Oradea, Aula Magna
Pictures here.

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    Go sustainable

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    Simple and efficient

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    Wind and water

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TERRANAVIS.ORG is Earthship Romania

Our sites are:

Contact us!
We started our project in 2012, in Oradea, when the land was purchased and the building permit was issued. In september 2013 we have finished the concrete foundation. Modules 1 and 2 are ready by 2016. Any kind of help is welcome. You might want to build your own earthship. Set sail.

What is an earthship?

"Earthships: Radically sustainable buildings made with recycled materials.
. . the Earthship is the epitome of sustainable design and construction. No part of sustainable living has been ignored in this ingenious building." earthship.com

Used tires = building blocks

The building blocks of the earthship are used tires, rammed with earth. If want to get rid of some, please contact us. All sizes above 195/16 will help us.

Off the grid

This means freedom. Any time. This is the way earthships are designed to work.

Build your own

As we do. Read, search, ask. Go to workshops. Earthsips can be build by your own.


If you have a similar project in Romania or in the area, we will link your site.

Rosia Montana

Please support rosiamontana.org and help to stop the RMGC mining project! Silence is betrayal.

Cost of living = 0

Forget the bills (electricity, gas, heating, water, sewage). Earthships radically reduce the cost of living.

Get rid of the corporations!

With no or less bills paid, you will no longer support any corporation, energy company etc. Your payment is your vote.

Go green!

There is no planet B! Earthships' systems include water harvesting, sewage treatment, green electricity, waste recycling.